ImageWith the UK Government now mandating the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on its future projects, the AEC industry is facing sweeping changes in long established processes and collaboration practices. Martyn Day looks at the challenges of moving to BIM.

ImageAnne-Marie Walters from Bentley Systems presents the case for the ISO 15926 data standard in order to create collaboration across global organisations

ImagePDF is used widely in the design community as a common way to share 2D drawings and documents. While support for 3D was added in 2005, last year, Adobe appeared to withdraw its commitment to the design industry. Martyn Day reports

ImageTo help coordinate multiple design disciplines and maintain quality of BIM models, Norwegian engineering firm, Multiconsult analyses IFC models inside a dedicated building information model checking tool from Solibri.

ImageSmartGeometry is one of the most significant events at the cutting edge of CAD in AEC. Marc Thomas reports from Copenhagen.

ImageSome architects and developers are still not asking themselves the right questions when it comes to commissioning architectural visualisation. Martin Drake reports

ImageMarc Thomas attended Bentley Systems

ImageThe end of November saw the annual migration of CAD fans to Las Vegas for Autodesk’s huge University event.

ImageIn between the main stage presentations, classes and labs, the exhibition hall is always a highlight of Autodesk University.

ImageThe adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems in the UK has been fairly slow. Attendees to Autodesk's BIM conference this Autumn would have heard first hand that the government may be looking at hastening this.

ImageWithout the design and engineering community really asking for it, we appear to be on the cusp of a major change in the way we gain access and use computer aided design technology.

ImageDassault Syst

Image3D has long been an integral part of architecture, whether through building physical models, creating CAD designs or rendering images.

ImageVirtual Reality promised much and delivered little. As a result the

ImageOne of the highlights of Autodesk University is always the Exhibition Hall, where purveyors of add-ons for Autodesk products and complementary software and hardware showcase their goods.

ImageNigel Davies has 20 years

ImageAfter Bentley Systems

ImageDr Don McLean, founder and managing director of IES, has a passion for building analysis. He says, to enable sustainable designs, architects need to understand the physical impact of design decisions early in the process.

ImageJamie Gwilliam, Autodesk

ImageSalford University is one of the leading international research institutes for Built Environment technology. The press was recently invited to visit its impressive facilities and gain an insight into the types of projects and research its academics and students undertake.