Image To print a steel bridge in Amsterdam – NXT BLD London, June 2017

Image Constructing (and deconstructing) buildings with cable robots – NXT BLD London, June 2017

Image To print a steel bridge in Amsterdam – NXT BLD London, June 2017

Image Greg Corke visited Studio Libeskind in New York to explore the role that technology plays in the practice’s world-renowned architecture

Image Watch as a Zaha Hadid Architects project emerges as a 3D printed scale model

Image Sleek lines and ease of use mark the arrival of a new breed of 3D scanner from Leica Geosystems

Image Designers can add audio clips to aid communication or to increase feeling of immersion

Image Dell Precision 5820, 7820 and 7920 boast new chassis with front access ‘FlexBays’

Image HP Mars Home Planet explores how 1 million humans could be sustained on the red planet

Image Firm that manufactures Nvidia Quadro GPUs enters the mobile workstation market

Image Datasmith workflow toolkit provides high-fidelity translation of numerous common scene assets

Image New external Quadro GPU (eGPU) plugs in over Thunderbolt 3 to boost pro graphics power

Image Takes ‘noisy’ ray traced image and uses AI to predict what it would look like after thousands of passes

Image HP Z VR Backpack G1 runs on batteries but also doubles up a as a desktop workstation

Image New GPUs include Radeon Pro SSG with 2TB of on-board memory for giant datasets

Image New feature allows project managers to easily monitor progress during construction

Image Software pitched as virtual sales tool, but also supports collaboration and design review for distributed teams

Image SkyCiv releases new design software for AISC standards. Euro, British and other standards to follow

Image Plowman Craven Vogel R3D system offers ‘faster & more accurate’ way to capture rail data

Image Bluesky LiDAR helps Mott MacDonald Bentley create 3D maps for Yorkshire Water