Image How can architects, engineers & construction professionals help to build smart cities that put the needs of citizens front and centre?

Image The strategic partnership will build the bridge between BIM and GIS mapping technologies

Image Fluid flow simulation can help anyone whose design work is impacted by wind loads, air comfort, and ventilation

Image Integration of 3DR’s drone data platform and Autodesk’s project management tool designed to improve collaboration and quality control

Image David Philp and Simon Rawlinson will host two-day technology-led event in Newcastle starting February 28, 2018

Image Free simple to use modelling tool uses DWG as native file format

Image New tablet and laptop in one boasts 73% more 3D performance than Microsoft Surface

Image First outings for for more visibility into Revit projects and IRONfile for cloud back-up

Image Clinics and workshops will focus on the technical detail of delivering BIM Level 2

Image CL3VER opens up its real time viz tool to much wider audience with a streamlined workflow and cloud-based collaboration

Image Free to use platform allows up to six concurrent users to share 360-degree rendering experience

Image Conceptual design has always been the neglected child of the industry, perhaps because SketchUp is seen as all-dominating in this space. But looking at Autodesk FormIt, Martyn Day sees a worthy contender that has come a long way

Image The aim of the EU-funded ACCEPT project is to improve knowledge transfer, project coordination, and quality assurance in the construction process.

Image In a world of shrinking workstations, Lenovo’s ThinkStation P320 Tiny is the smallest yet

Image Sheffield-based Iceotope brings ‘total liquid cooling’ to the desktop by submerging every component inside its custom-built workstation in a non-conductive coolant, making it ideal for harsh and dusty workplaces

Image While BIM adopters typically take a model-centric approach to design, collaboration is all about document flow

Image Hercules cloud-based content management solution will be used to support the ministry’s BIM object library

Image DCW will offer visitors a chance to meet the teams behind the tech and try out the latest developments for the AECO industry

Image Point cloud processing tool gets new ‘selectable surfaces’ feature and monthly licensing options

Image New release boosts BIM usability, design productivity, Revit import, freeform modelling rendering and more