BIM and the Freedom TowerWhile the CAD firms have been talking about BIM, there have been few projects that deliver on the vision. Autodesk has managed to pull off a major customer coup with Revit playing an important role in the design of New York's Freedom Tower.

EMapSiteContinuing his series of articles on digital mapping, James Cutler, emapSite takes a closer look at the use of imagery and aerial photography and their value to disciplines across the Architecture, Engineering, Construction sector.

MemoryOne of the primary benefits of 64-bit Windows XP is that it will be able to address more than 2Gb of memory per application. AEC Magazine put this to the test with the beta version of the forthcoming Operating System and two IBM IntelliStations from Matek.

CadlineIn the latest of a series of articles on Autodesk Revit, CADline's Paul A Woddy looks at how 'Shared Parameters' can extend the capabilities of scheduling and customised component libraries.