Sefaira Systems uses architectural BIM data for ‘easy and cost-effective’ early-stage HVAC system analysis


Sefaira Systems, a new product for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design engineers for early-stage HVAC system analysis, is now shipping. The software provides real-time analysis of mechanical systems and envelope options using EnergyPlus, the industry standard building analysis engine developed by the US Department of Energy.

Sefaira Systems can import SketchUp and Revit models so engineers can work directly with architects’ CAD/BIM data, rather than having to rebuild geometry. Built-in HVAC templates of common system types help eliminate the need to spend time setting up individual HVAC system models. The software then allows engineers to compare massing options, envelope properties and HVAC design choices in a single interface.

“Sefaira Systems allows us to upload architectural models directly into the system which reduces a previously week-long process during which we used to recreate models to a process that only takes a couple of hours,” explains George Athens, managing principal, Nelson Engineering. “We can now easily respond to our clients’ needs and improve our customer relationships, without challenging our own budget.”

“Energy consultants can meaningfully differentiate themselves by providing robust feedback to their customers within a short timeframe,” said Sefaira product director and professional engineer Andrew Corney. “Until now they’ve often had to try to complete the analysis tasks with overly complex software. Cutting corners by using rules of thumb is increasingly difficult with savvier clients calling for more detail on less familiar solutions. With Sefaira Systems, we are addressing this problem by providing a tool that allows trusted advisers to provide robust early analysis, on time and at low cost.”

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